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  3. New TOEIC Test : ETS update TOEIC Listening and Reading Test in mid 2018

New TOEIC Test : ETS update TOEIC Listening and Reading Test in mid 2018

New TOEIC Test : ETS update TOEIC Listening and Reading Test in mid 2018

ETS introduces  an updated TOEIC Test globally in mid 2018.

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test updates

What is TOEIC Test?

New TOEIC test 2018

ETS is releasing  an updated TOEIC Test globally in mid 2018.

In Japan and Korea New TOEIC test already started in 2016

New TOEIC Test first appeared in Japan and Korea in May 2016.

What is changed in New TOEIC Test?

toeic new format sample test

New TOEIC exam will be more practical, closer to real life situations

Language use

As the use of English evolves and changes, so must tests and test questions, to ensure that we are measuring the language skills that individuals need.

Multiple sources

The updates will make greater use of multiple sources – for example using both what is seen in a visual image and what is heard in a conversation.

understanding intended meaning in context

Candidates will be assessed on understanding intended meaning in context and across text sources, understanding non-linear exchanges in online-chat messages, and understanding conversations with more than 2 speakers. This assessment will be closer to real life situations.

new TOEIC Listening Test

TOEIC Listening TEST (-mid 2018)

NEW TOEIC Listening TEST (after mid 2018)


Part 1

10 photograph items → 6 items

Part 2

30 question-response items → 25 items

Part 3

10 conversation items → 13 items

Part 4

10 short talk items.

The number of questions  unchanged.

new TOEIC Reading Test


TOEIC Reading TEST (-mid 2018)

NEW TOEIC Reading TEST (after mid 2018)

Part 5

40 incomplete sentence items → 30 items

Part 6

12 text completion items → 16 items

Part 7 single passage

28 single reading passage items → 29 items

Part 7 multiple passage

20 double reading passage items → 25 items


An Official TOEIC Score is recognised in all countries regardless of the difference in format TOEIC.

ETS says that new test and the current test are the same test with the same scores, regardless of form.

New Ability Report

For schools using the ability subsections, the score report will add an additional Listening Ability.

“Can understand a speaker’s purpose or implied meaning in a phrase or sentence”.

Below is an example of score report issued in Japanese.

New TOEIC  test more difficult than the current TOEIC test?

ETS says the difficulty will remain the same.

Actually, some students in Japan, where new Test has been introduced since  May 2016,  feel the new TOEC test is more difficult.

In truth, the average TOEIC scores in Japan slightly decreased but still remain in the same level considering


Anxious about a New TOEIC Test? Why not ask a Japanese?

New TOEIC Guidebook (PDF) will be available.

At a meetup.  Many says, New TOEIC test is more difficult than the old one.


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